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“Off The Grid” Cloud File Hosting


I have used Google Drive and Dropbox for quite sometime without any encryption, and thought nothing of it. That is until this whole N.S.A. thing cropped up.


OwnCloud – My Review


I have to give it to OwnCloud for making the installation really easy! In less than  two minutes I had OwnCloud installed and ready to go.The GUI has a nice sleek feel to it. It doesn’t have as much functionality as I thought it would, but none the less I took it from sandbox to live the same night. Linking my Desktop and Phone to the install was incredibly easy.




You’re familiar with the term cloud right?… If not, I’m sure you have heard of Dropbox, Box, Google Driveetc. These are all Cloud services, they store your data on a server that is accessible from anywhere. So, what I’m going to do, is create my own using OwnCloud and an Ubuntu Server I have (currently it sits and runs PyTivo.. That’s a different blog post 🙂 ) (Edit: Yes I am aware of Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud Server.. I will look at installing and playing with this.)


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