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Big Brother Spoiler


This week in the Big Brother house has been pretty crazy, after the double eviction everybody was looking around with a different view on things. Boogie and Ashley were sent packing, Boogie was the obvious one to leave and then the pot got stirred when Ian won HOH and put Frank up against Ashley. As we know, Frank won the POV and took himself off and put Joe up against Ashley. After Ashley was voted out Frank went on a rampage, calling out everybody in the house on the cowardly acts they have done. (more…)

Big Brother Results


First off, sorry I couldn’t live blog last night, I had some technical difficulties.

Here is how it went down. My predictions for the first vote and eviction were spot on. They sent Boogie packing. (more…)

Big Brother Double Eviction Prediction


My, oh my the game will get all kinds of mixed up tonight. Big Brother is doing a Double Eviction. With all the heat on Dan after Frank and Boogie suspected him of being a mole, I can imagine he is at risk for some pay back. Here is my prediction of what will happen tonight.


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