Building work bench cabinets and cubby storage


When I designed this, I intentionally didn’t design the shelf or the door, because I was going to have enough left over material to measure it out and simply make them. I ended up with a single shelf in each cabinet and a door on each.

I got some inspiration from watching how Jay Bates built his miter saw station. He ripped down plywood to create all the pieces he needed. Which ended up working out perfectly for me as well, even had some left overs. Because I don’t have a truck, all of my lumber has to fit into our Prius, so I had Home Depot cut down the plywood into 2ft x 4ft sections.

For this project I used 1/2in Sande Plywood.

I had previously designed my cut list into four section of 2ft x 4ft:

Here is the design:

Here is what they looked like after I had assembled everything (minus the shelves and doors)

Here is the “finished” product. For this being my first attempt at building anything out of wood, I surprised even myself!


I’ll be doing more garage projects/wood working in the future. Hopefully I’ll remember to take video or pictures. 🙂

A HUGE thanks to the wood working community of YouTube for their dedication and video making. I can’t count the number of times I’ve watched some of their videos. Jay Bates, April Wilkerson and Shawn Stone are probably the three I watch the most, their styles mesh with my learning style. If you haven’t watched any of their videos, you really should check some of them out.

Thanks for reading! See you around.

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