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Portland Wrestling Uncut Results 10/27

Portland Wrestling

Live as it happens results from Portland Wrestling Uncut broadcast from KPTV Studio B!

For the first time in over 20 years on KPTV, Portland Wrestling will make its return!

I will be live blogging the show here, you may need to refresh the page every so often.

Start time: 7:30PM Pacific

The Start time may be delayed by the World Series


My laptop froze up mid way through the show. Shawn Davari former WWE superstar showed up near the end of the show and beat up Jeremy Blanchard. He was challenged by Exile to a match for next week.

9:12 pm

Seeing as these guys are part of the “Uncut” side of the wrestling, I can tell some of them aren’t in Ring shape, hopefully this cleans up a little bit.

9:10 pm

Bubba just about dropped Thunder on his head! and Thunder returned the favor by dropping a serious Clothes line on him!

9:09 pm

Thunder Vs Bubba Blanchard is the second match of the evening.

Mean Mike Miller came out to get on commentary replacing The Gov.

Bubba is wrestling barefoot.. Weird!

9:02 pm

Portland Wrestling Rewind shows Roddy Piper cutting a promo on Buddy Rose.

8:59 pm

Piper cut a promo explaining the history of Portland Wrestling and explaining his life is what it is because of Portland Wrestling.

8:56 pm

Patrick had a good start, but Big Ugly took him down with a serious clothes line.

Big Ugly is tearing Patrick Large apart! Big Ugly was disqualified after Roddy Piper jumped in the ring and started beating Big Ugly with his belt for bullying Large.

Patrick Large won by Disqualification.

8:51 pm

Don Coss and Wilson Cane “The Gov” are on commentary.

Big Ugly vs Patrick Large is the opening bout.

8:48 pm

Okay!! After all the after game BS. IT’S SHOWTIME BABY!!!

8:29 pm

My mistake, I realized I was reading the screen wrong. 2 outs, 1 remaining. Here’s to hoping to ends soon!

8:24 pm

The World Series is about to conclude. It’s bottom of the 9th. 1 out remaining before it’s all over. Portland Wrestling will start soon.

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