Updating the Backup Scripts


So, it’s been awhile since I actually looked at the code for my Backup Scripts.. I had been using them religiously for quite some time, but when I got rid of the server cluster that I had, I stopped using them.

Adding on to backup bash scripts

1453516959_time machine

So, ages ago, I wrote up a couple of bash scripts that automated the backup process on a server. It’s all text based, so you’d have to be logged into a terminal or be ssh’d into the box.

Apple Wireless Keyboard [Review]


I bought this keyboard on Christmas Day 2013, off Amazon. It was delivered on January 2nd. Considering the Holidays, that’s pretty good. So, first thing I noticed with this keyboard is the size. It’s literally the same keyboard you get with a Macbook or Macbook Pro. I actually lined it up with my Macbook keyboard and it’s exactly the same.

2014 Garden Season


I toned it down a little bit this year and planted more of what we eat the most of, Tomatoes, Corn and Green Beans. But I’m going to be planting two kinds of cucumbers this weekend but in planters, not in the garden.

The Hacker’s Diet 0.9.9b


I’ve completed the updates for The Hacker’s Diet 0.9.9b. Please check it out and give it a go! The Hacker’s Diet 0.9.9b

The Hackers Diet, WordPress plugin


Awhile back, I started looking into fixing the hackers diet wordpress plugin and publishing it for the world to use. Here recently I finally started towards that goal. I reached out to the original creator and got his blessings to go forward.

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