Stop Crypto Wallets from slowing down your Mac


Straight to the point here. Crypto Wallets are resource hogs. Run OSX? Here’s a little trick:

First find the PID of the wallet, you can use “ps -ef | grep <coin name>”

The most delicious wheat bread. Ever!


So, Kelly and I decided to bake bread weekly and give one loaf to her parents and keep one for ourselves.

Delicious Homemade Butter


Making homemade butter is absolutely easy, and super delicious! Now, this will be honest straight up butter that you can either leave unsalted and keep in the fridge for cooking or baking. I salted mine in a food processor, this allows you to leave it on the counter. Although, when I’m not using the butter or have no reason to use it for more than a few days, I put in the fridge.

The Greenhouse [Partial-Review]


I got the my Greenhouse this last Saturday, and set it up. The setup was actually pretty easy, the instructions were terrible though, but be sure to build it in layers. The whole thing is pretty nice once you get it setup.

Something is missing…


Several years ago, I was working as a Janitor in the Evergreen School District. I met one of the nicest teachers ever, Mr. Ortman. He taught 4th Grade at Riverview Elementary School. I would come into the school and vacuum really late in the evening and he would always be there, doing something in the classroom. He and I talked about our Faith and all the different jobs he held through the years. He was simply an amazing guy.

Apple Wireless Keyboard [Review]


I bought this keyboard on Christmas Day 2013, off Amazon. It was delivered on January 2nd. Considering the Holidays, that’s pretty good. So, first thing I noticed with this keyboard is the size. It’s literally the same keyboard you get with a Macbook or Macbook Pro. I actually lined it up with my Macbook keyboard and it’s exactly the same.

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